Do you want to get away from the city for a couple of days, or are you travelling around the country for a while? There's so much to see and do in Suriname. Enjoy the untouched nature and learn about the country's rich history. Here are our five tips for you to discover.

1. Discover the Central Suriname Nature Reserve

The Central Suriname Nature Reserve is the country's largest nature reserve and one of the largest protected tropical rainforests in the world, so it's definitely worth a visit. The region is divided into different parks, with a combined land area amounting to 10% of the land area of Suriname. The nature reserve is home to many species of plants and animals.

With a four-wheel drive you can also visit the highest mountain of Suriname, Julianatop. One of the most popular parks within the nature reserve is the Brownsberg Nature Park.

2. Visit Brownsberg Nature Park

From this park, high above sea level, you have a fantastic view of the Brokopondo Reservoir. The park has lots of impressive waterfalls. The nature park is part of the Amazon rainforest and measures 12,000 hectares (nearly 30,000 acres). Its fauna includes howler monkeys, peccaries, macaws, and deer.

3. Meet the native Surinamese

Meet the native Tiriyó people in Palumeu. Stay in this Amerindian village, which is also home to lots of howler monkeys and birds. And if you want something else to do, you can go boating on the Boven Tapanohony river, go for a walk in the rainforest, take photos of the gorgeous Mabuka waterfalls, or visit the "parrot island" Palawa Paw. You can reach Palumeu in an hour by plane from Paramaribo, but if you want a little more adventure, you can go by river from Albina. You'll reach the village in eight to twelve days.

4. Spot the turtle

If you want to spot turtles, go to Galibi beach in the north-east of Suriname. This beach is home to many endangered and vulnerable species of sea turtles, such as the green sea turtle and the leatherback sea turtle. They build their nests at the mouth of the Maroni river, and are known locally as aitkantie. Galibi is also a great place to visit for its own sake – you can relax in the sun on the beautiful sandy beaches, under swaying palm and mango trees. The beach is only accessible by boat.

5. Peperpot Plantation River Resort

Years ago, what is now the Peperpot nature reserve was one of the country's most successful coffee and cacao plantations. You can tour the old factory complex and director's mansion and see the coffee warehouses and factory. This former plantation also offers the opportunity to see a lot of impressive flora and fauna, including many rare birds. And be sure to see the nearby kampong, or settlement, where the Javanese plantation workers lived.

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